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Build from branch

At the moment I am returning home after three very productive and awesome weeks in Wellington, Sydney and Strasbourg.

I spent the first week in the West Plaza in Wellington, working together with fellow Launchpad developers on getting the basics of building from branches working. We eventually managed to get something working at the end of Friday afternoon. We split the work up at the beginning of the week and then worked on it in pairs for a couple of days before integrating all work on Friday. At the end of the week William managed to get a basic source package build from recipe through the queue.

Pair-programming with Jono and Michael was very educational, I suspect I’ll be a fair bit quicker when I get back to hacking on Launchpad by myself. It’s scary to see how some people can make the changes that would take me a full day in a mere hour.

Tim picked up my initial work on support for Mercurial imports and completed and landed it during the sprint. Since the rollout on Wednesday it is possible to request Mercurial imports on Launchpad. Most imports (e.g. mutt, dovecot, hg) seem to work fine, with the main exception being the really large Mercurial repositories such as and OpenJDK. This is because of (known) scaling issues that will be fixed in one of the next releases of bzr-hg.

This was the first time I was back in Wellington since 2006, and the weather this year was exactly as I remembered it; showers and wind, with the occasional day of sunshine. For a capital the city centre is quite small, but it has its charm and the view from the various hills around the bay is amazing.

On the weekend I met up with Andrew and Kirsty and we did some hiking around Wellington (where the weather allowed it).


Epitech/OpenChange meeting

I’ve had a lot of time to practice my French skills this weekend while visiting Epitech and meeting up with Julien, Ali, Dan and the other OpenChange folks in Paris.

There was a forum at Epitech where student teams present the projects that they’ve been working on over the course of the last year. One of the Epitech student teams has done an excellent job on an OpenChange plugin for Evolution that now even appears to have been picked up by upstream. The other projects were also quite interesting as well and varied from a fun to play 3D racing game to a much improved LGPL’ed implementation of the ClamAv virus scanner or a personal logging application for diabetics. Afterwards there was a little bit of an Open Source conference, where Dan and I gave talks about Open Source and Samba, respectively.