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OpenChange 2.0 released

Apparently ‘tis the season for major software releases.

Julien has just announced the release of OpenChange 2.0, codenamed quadrant. This release fixes a number of important bugs and enables integration with SOGo.

With the SOGo backend, it is now possible to set up an Exchange-compatible groupware server that can be accessed from Outlook without the need to connect any connectors.

See the release notes for more details.


OpenChange server and SOGo

There’s more good news on the OpenChange front. Julien has been working together with Wolfgang and Ludovic from Inverse to leverage the server-side support in OpenChange to provide native Exchange server support in SOGo.

A couple of days ago we announced that there now is an initial version that allows the use of Outlook against a SOGo server through OpenChange.

There is a screencast up on youtube (there is also a .mov version of the screencast).

As far as I know, this is the first time it’s possible to actually use Outlook clients with a non-Microsoft Exchange-compatible server, without the need for plugins on the Outlook side. And it’s all Free Software. Of course, this is just a preview, and not something we’d recommend everybody to run in production just yet. But it’s exciting to finally see this come together.

We already have OpenChange packages in Debian and Ubuntu but I hope I can help get SOGo packaged for both distributions as well.


Proof of concept OpenChange server working

Seeing this makes me very happy. It’s taken us a couple of years to get to this point but we’ve finally made it, mostly thanks to the dedication and persistence of Julien and Brad.


OpenChange Evolution plugin preview and Debian packages

Srini writes that a preview of the Evolution OpenChange plugin has just been published. This plugin is now developed in the Evolution Subversion repository, but is based on the original plugin that was written by the Epitech team that was assigned to OpenChange earlier this year.

I’ve packaged new snapshots of Samba and OpenChange for Debian/Ubuntu. They’re available from my personal apt repository and will hopefully soon also be available from Debian experimental.

Update: The packages are now in Debian experimental as well as the upcoming Intrepid release of Ubuntu. I have removed them from my personal repository because I was running out of disk quota.


Epitech/OpenChange meeting

I’ve had a lot of time to practice my French skills this weekend while visiting Epitech and meeting up with Julien, Ali, Dan and the other OpenChange folks in Paris.

There was a forum at Epitech where student teams present the projects that they’ve been working on over the course of the last year. One of the Epitech student teams has done an excellent job on an OpenChange plugin for Evolution that now even appears to have been picked up by upstream. The other projects were also quite interesting as well and varied from a fun to play 3D racing game to a much improved LGPL’ed implementation of the ClamAv virus scanner or a personal logging application for diabetics. Afterwards there was a little bit of an Open Source conference, where Dan and I gave talks about Open Source and Samba, respectively.


OpenChange team member

As of today, I’m officially a member of the OpenChange development team. I already had access to the Subversion server and have contributed a number of patches in the last couple of years, mainly related to the build system.


OpenChange Interview

Linux Weekly News had a good interview with Julien Kerihuel, lead developer of OpenChange, two weeks ago. It’s now also available for those who are not subscribed.