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Oxegen ‘08

Oxegen was a bit expensive but awesome. Irish people rock.

update: Wilmer has details.


Adaption blockers Bazaar sprint

The London Bazaar sprint is over again for this year. It was really good to meet everybody in person again and also to meet some of the folks who hadn’t been to a sprint before.

Last years sprint was mainly about improving performance; this year, we discussed adoption blockers and how to remove them. A short summary of the brainstorming is on the wiki.

Martin’s Blog has some pictures.


The Mars Volta concert we went to last night in Tilburg was absolutely brilliant. Very energetic and definitely one of the best acts I’ve ever seen live. We were standing in the back of a completely packed venue for 3 hours, but it was very much worth it.

Currently Playing: Soft Machine - Teeth


First Bazaar commit

The Bazaar PQM has just merged my first Bazaar commits. Hopefully there are more to follow in the near future. I also managed to fixed some more annoying bzr-svn bugs today, 0.2 is nearer than ever now.

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More great bands

Thanks Wilmer for introducing me to a great Dutch space-rock band called 35007. Their sound is quite unique and reminds me of Porcupine Tree or even Mogwai. Unfortunately, like so many awesome bands it seems they’ve already split up so it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to ever see them live.

Currently Playing: Riverside - Second Life Syndrome - Conceiving You

The more I listen to Riverside (the Polish progrockers, /not/ the Dutch cover band), the more I regret having missed their performance at Arrow Rock this year. The vocals match the instruments nicely and unlike a lot of other small progrock bands, you can hear they have a capable producer.

Muse in Den Bosch tomorrow ought to be good as well!


New blog title

I’ve decided to give this blog a more original title than “Jelmer’s blog”. From now on it will be named “Stationary Traveller”, after the song by Camel and because of my continuous presence on IRC, no matter where on the world I am..


Bazaar Sprint

It’s been a fun week. I visited the Bazaar sprint in London with LarstIQ and had a great time meeting the core developers. Especially the pair-programming and test driven development was very interesting; the number of lines of code I wrote was smaller than usual, but I have never spent so little time debugging. Among the things I worked on were Commit Builder with Robert and some more work on bzr-svn.

The Arrow Rock festival yesterday was great. I was a little skeptical about Porcupine Tree’s live performance, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Roger Waters’ show was shorter than announced (3 hours) but very good nonetheless. Queensryche was the only disappointment - they played only a few old songs and their sound was pretty bad (at least from where I was standing).