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LUG Radio Live

Just got back to the hotel after LUG Radio Live and the afterparty event. I guess the best way to describe LUG Radio live is as a your average geek conference but with a bit of a rock concert flavor: lots of cheering on, groupies, swearing, simple humor and metal music being played in between between sessions.

The talks were very good; in particular I liked Nat Friedman’s talk about, among other things, the way the Oxford English Dictionary was developed (although he still doesn’t seem to understand what is so bad about the MS-Novell deal) and Aaron Seigo’s talk on KDE 4 (made my fingers itchy and want to contribute..). The short talk Szilveszter and I gave on bzr-gtk went ok, but was probably not all that entertaining right after Malcolm’s talk on zombies and Ubuntu.

The major thing I disliked is the fact that the wireless was very crappy. I got it to work on two occassions, just long enough to read a few emails. It took a while to get used to the weird accent with which they speak English around here and I seem to’ve picked up a few swearwords that I now have to unlearn again. Doh.

All in all really worth the trip from Amsterdam and definitely something to keep in mind for next year!

Erik and I decided to stay an extra day to see a bit of Wolverhampton and Birmingham, but it turns out this isn’t your typical tourist spot.