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Git cutting corners

My relationship with git is still one of love and hate. It cuts corners to increase performance in a couple of places and that can be really bloody annoying.

For example, jerry renamed one of the top-level directories in Samba 3 (revision 9f672c26d63955f613088489c6efbdc08b5b2d14). Git will skip rename detection in this revision because of the number of files it affects, thus causing the output of “git log <path>” of this particular directory to be useless.

I’m the first to admit “bzr log” on directories and files in large history projects is painfully slow, but at least it gets the output right.

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Ohloh - Statistics on Free Software projects

Ohloh is a nice web 2.0 site that contains stats on various Free Software projects. At the moment, they only support Subversion, CVS and Git. They’re open to feature requests though. If enough people ask for it, hopefully they’ll support Bazaar at some point.