Most of my commits are tracked by Openhub.

I have contributed to various Free Software projects, including:

  • Samba, many things.
  • Common Unix Printing System, Kerberos support
  • OpenChange, build system improvements, integration with Samba, IDL.
  • BitlBee, several areas.
  • Wireshark, BitTorrent, AIM/ICQ (Oscar), AYIYA, several DCE/RPC protocol dissectors and the Wireshark backend for the pidl IDL compiler.
  • Launchpad, mostly contributions to Soyuz and Code but also patches for various other components.
  • Bazaar, many bug fixes, foreign branch support for svn, git, GTK+ frontends and several other plugins.
  • Debian and Ubuntu, maintained the nunit, ndoc, talloc, tdb, tevent, ldb, pam-krb5-migrate, most bzr related packages and some samba-related packages.
  • Subversion, Various patches, mostly related to the Python bindings.
  • Dovecot, GSSAPI support.
  • Heimdal, various patches.
  • Mono, various fixes to mbas, the Visual Basic.NET compiler.
  • c2hs, several patches.
  • tailor, support for Bazaar and several bug fixes.
  • ccontrol, gui frontend
  • PHP Pear, SMB client support (removed since, because of licensing issues).
  • Balsa, several small patches.
  • pykerberos, small patch and RFC2228 (FTP with GSSAPI) example implementation.
  • jabberd2, GSSAPI support.
  • pyxmpp, GSSAPI support.
  • ikiwiki, Bazaar support.
  • etckeeper, Bazaar support
  • git-python, some trivial bug fixes.
  • gajim, SASL GSSAPI support.
  • loudmouth, SASL GSSAPI support + Jabberd2 compatibility fixes.
  • awsome, A front-end for OpenStack providing the AWS API.
  • breezy, a Python 3 port of Bazaar

Some of my own projects:

  • at89prog, serial port programmer for the AT89S8982.
  • .NET bindings to libftdi
  • Dulwich, pure-Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols.
  • Subvertpy, alternative Python bindings for Subversion.
  • Xandikos, a simple CalDAV/CardDAV server backed by Git.
  • Lintian-Brush, a tool for automatically fixing common issues in Debian packages.
  • silver-platter

Some small, but perhaps useful code snippets can be found in my junkcode directory.

Projects I no longer work on:

  • CtrlProxy, an IRC proxy.
  • CtrlGdb, a curses frontend to GDB
  • KRegedit, a KDE editor for Windows registry files (discontinued, I now work on a GTK+ editor instead).
  • ptabtools, utilities for reading Power-Tab files.
  • NSS and PAM Mysql modules
  • MySQL and PostGresql user backends for Samba, now maintained elsewhere.

Summer of Code

During the summer of 2005, I participated in the Google Summer of Code program, where I worked on the upgrade path from Samba 3 to Samba 4. Details are here. In 2006, I worked on Kerberos support in CUPS. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 I mentored other students for the Bazaar, Samba and OpenChange projects.