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Python bindings for the Subversion version control system that are aimed to be complete, fast and feel native to Python programmers.

Bindings are provided for the working copy, client, delta, remote access and repository APIs. A hookable server side implementation of the custom Subversion protocol (svn_ra) is also provided.

Differences with similar packages

subvertpy covers more of the APIs than python-svn. It provides a more "Pythonic" API than python-subversion, which wraps the Subversion C API pretty much directly. Neither provide a hookable server-side.


Subvertpy depends on Python 2.7 or 3.5, and Subversion 1.4 or later. It should work on Windows as well as most POSIX-based platforms (including Linux, BSDs and Mac OS X).


Standard distutils are used - use " build" to build and "setup.install" to install. On most platforms, setup will find the Python and Subversion development libraries by itself. On Windows you may have to set various environment variables, see the next section for details.

Build instructions for Windows

  • Install the SVN dev kit ZIP for Windows from E.g.
  • Find the SVN binary ZIP file with the binaries for your dev kit. E.g. Unzip this in the same directory as the dev kit - README.txt will be overwritten, but that is all. This is the default location the .ZIP file will suggest (ie, the directory embedded in both .zip files are the same)
  • Set SVN_DEV to point at this directory.
  • Install BDB. For Subversion 1.7.0 and later: download Berkeley DB 4.8.30.msi Windows installer and install it. For Subversion 1.6.17 and earlier: download "" or earlier version of BDB and extract it.
  • Set SVN_BDB to the installed directory or extracted directory.
  • Install SVN libintl. Download extract it to the directory that you want.
  • Set SVN_LIBINTL to the extract dir.


If using GCC it might be useful to disable the deprecation warnings when compiling to see if there are any more serious warnings:

make CFLAGS="-Wno-deprecated-declarations"