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A simple web hook that forwards prometheus alerts over XMPP.


To use, configure a web hook in alertmanager. E.g.:

- name: 'jelmer-pager'
  - url: ''

Edit the configuration file (defaults to /etc/prometheus/xmpp-alerts.yml):

jid: ''
password: 'PASSWORD'
to_jid: ''
listen_address: ''
listen_port: 9199
format: 'short'

And run the web hook::

$ python3 prometheus-xmpp-alerts

If you have amtool set up, then you can also allow to_jid to see existing alerts and manage silences.

Docker file

You can build your own docker images using the Dockerfile in this directory, or use Provide your configuration in /config.yaml.

Password Command

Instead of hardcoding your password, you can also use a password_command. The command should write the password to stdout. Only the first line (stripped of whitespaces) is being used as password.

Message Format

If you don't set the message format option, the short format will be used.

  • short

    FIRING, 2019-05-17T18:48:18, Alert Summary

  • full

    [FIRING] Alert Summary (groupLabelValue1 groupLabelValue2) This is the description of the test alert. label1: value1 label2: value2 label3: value3


The web hook can be accessed on three paths:

  • /alert: used by Prometheus to deliver alerts, expects POST requests with JSON body
  • /test: delivers a test message
  • /metrics: exposes statistics about number of alerts received