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This repository contains a set of ansible playbooks for setting up a Debian Janitor instance.

The various roles of the Janitor can be set up on different hosts or the same host.

  • debian.yml contains the playbook for the main janitor instance
  • kali.yml contains an example playbook for setting up a Janitor for Kali Linux

The only externally facing job is the janitor-site. All other jobs should not be externally accessible. A wireguard network is one way of achieving this.

After installation, you'll need to manually log in to the janitor user on the publisher and log in to the relevant hoster sites by running "svp login". E.g.::

svp login
svp login
svp login


  • janitor-archive: Archive management; stores built debs and can provide debdiffs/diffoscope diffs. Needs ample disk space.
  • janitor-db: The postgresql database
  • janitor-irc-notify: Notifies on IRC when merge proposals are merged
  • janitor-maintenance: Regular importing of package metadata and candidates
  • janitor-mastodon-notify: Notifies on Mastodon when merge proposals are merged
  • janitor-prometheus: Prometheus setup for all janitor jobs
  • janitor-publish: VCS manager; keeps cache of packaging branches and holds results. Needs ample disk space.
  • janitor-runner: Processing coordinator
  • janitor-site: User-facing site, including external API
  • janitor-worker: The actual worker (modifies & builds packages)