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Applications for Summer of Code

For the second time I will be participating in the Google Summer of Code. My project this year is Kerberos integration in CUPS.

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GSSAPI patch for Dovecot

My GSSAPI patch for Dovecot is now in CVS. Thanks to Timo for committing it to CVS, and to pod for fixing some issues. This patch just implements authentication.

We’re now going to work on support for integration verification (sign) and protection (seal).


LCA 2005

I’m currently in Australia, enjoying Linux.Conf.Au 2005. Say hi if you’re around.


Move to serendipity

Once again I’ve switched blog system, this time to serendipity. So far I have tried blosxom and wordpress, both of which were disappointments.

It’s been a while since my last post (December 2004), but there’ll be more updates soon.


CtrlProxy in IRC book

Ctrlproxy is discussed in two hacks in the upcoming O’Reilly title IRC Hacks, edited by Paul Mutton. Both articles were written by Wilmer van der Gaast.