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Samba4 Debian packages in experimental

In the past week, we have migrated the Debian packaging for Samba 4 to the SVN repository of the Debian Samba packaging team at alioth.

Mostly thanks to the hard work of Steinar Gunderson in the past week, the packages are now ready for, and have been uploaded to Debian experimental. Most importantly, there is now integration for upgrading from Samba 3 to Samba 4 using the upgrade scripts.

I will no longer upload Samba4 Debian packages to

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NUnit in unstable

My first package (nunit) is now in the Debian archive. It was approved by ftp-master two days ago.

Thanks go to Andrew "ajmitch" Mitchell for sponsoring and to Mirco "meebey" Bauer and David "Dajobe" Beckett for comments and feedback. See the pkg-mono pages for details.

Meebey has uploaded another package (gnunit) that provides a Gtk# interface to NUnit. Screenshot


Samba4 debian packages

Now that the Samba4 Debian packages appear to be somewhat working, I've set up a daily cronjob that generates packages for the latest SVN revision. Add the following line to your "/etc/apt/sources.list" to try them out:

deb .

Please note that these packages are still very much alpha, as is the Samba4 code. Comments are welcome


NUnit packages

I'm currently fixing the last few quirks in my NUnit Debian packages, after getting a some good feedback from the folks at #debian-mono. Just a few more hours before I'll put into pkg-mono's SVN. Until then, snapshots are available at:

deb ./
deb-src ./

I wonder what I'll work on next. Perhaps nantcontrib or ndoc?