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Today I spent some time working again on foreign branch support for bzr. I got quite far, and can now run 'bzr log' and 'bzr viz' on remote Subversion branches.

The big hurdle to take were the Python bindings for Subversion, which are a pain to work with. Because these bindings were generated with SWIG (and haven't had enough customization by humans), they very much look like C functions that can be called from python. The programmer has to worry about memory management, some functions with callback methods can not be used and passing an incorrect parameter usually results in a segmentation fault.

Most commands appear to run very slowly, but I found out this was caused, while I had initially blamed bzr, by 'svn ls' being extremely slow. It takens up to a few minutes to get a list of all files in a repository. This is of course a big problem if you're trying to generate 2000 inventory objects, one for each revision....

bzrk screenshot

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