trac hook for bzr

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Since we'll be using trac as the bug tracking system for BitlBee and bzr for source control, we won't be able to use the default post-commit-message-hook, which comes with trac. This script usually makes sure that whenever a commit is done that references a bug, this gets mentioned on the page of that particular bug in trac.

I've hacked up a quick plugin for bzr which implements the same thing for the combination of bzr and trac. This isn't the ideal solution since it requires that the script is running on the same host as the trac server, which is sometimes not the case as people push changes to their server rather then log in to their server and merge and commit the changes from their workstation.

The proper fix is probably getting trac itself to get information like this from the commit messages. It already detects new commits (they are shown in Timeline) and knows how to parse them, so something like that shouldn't be very hard to implement.

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