bzr for BitlBee

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After three years without, it looks like BitlBee is finally going to leave the dark ages and use a version control system that was not thought up in Wilmers' basement. Up until now, Wilmer kept a master copy of the tree from which he generated nightly snapshots. The other two developers (Maurits and me) would then send patches against those nightly snapshots which Wilmer would apply. This sort of worked, but it wasn't ideal: migrating in-progress patches from snapshot to snapshot takes a lot of time and creating incremental patches can be impractical as well.

Some of the objections Wilmer had against using a version control system, in particular CVS and Subversion (which I was originally trying to sell him) were the fact that they require a manual svn add for all files you create, a svn rm for files you delete and the requirement for setting up a special server. At the moment, we're experimenting with bzr since it doesn't have these limitations.

We're probably going with trac+darcs for the new bug tracking system.

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