SoC Deadline

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So, just a few more minutes until the deadline of the Google Summer of Code, 2005! I got pretty much all that I wanted in there done, except for the ldb_map module, which is still a bit dodgy.

Participating was a nice and interesting experience! The other participants that were working on Samba for SoC have produced some great code and it looks like they're going to stick around. Especially Brads' work on DSSYNC looks promising. I can certainly recommend anyone to participate if Google is repeating SoC again sometime in the future!

Looking back, I guess it could've been interesting to work on a different project then Samba such as mono (I do actually actively follow mono development, I just don't contribute at the moment), althought what I did now was probably more productive and allowed me to spend some time on other sides of Samba than I am usually involved in as well.

I just committed the file STATUS file to the tree:

--- Samba3 -> Samba4 Upgrade --- (C) 2005 Jelmer Vernooij <> Published under the GNU GPL

Sponsored by the Google Summer of Code program ( Mentored by Andrew Bartlett <> Thanks!

  • Reading wins.dat
  • Reading registry.tdb
  • Reading passdb.tdb
  • Reading account_policy.tdb
  • Reading group_mappings.tdb
  • Reading winbindd_idmap.tdb
  • Reading share_info.tdb
  • Reading secrets.tdb
  • Reading smbpasswd
  • Reading + writing (generic) smb.conf files
  • Testsuite for read support mentioned above
  • Console utility for dumping Samba information
  • Import user accounts in Samba4
  • Import groups in Samba4
  • Import secrets in Samba4
  • Import WINS data in Samba4
  • Dump idmap data to LDB
  • Import registry keys/values in Samba4
  • Import account policies in Samba4
  • Testsuite for upgrade
  • Console utility from upgrading from Samba3 -> Samba4
  • SWAT (Web interface) support for upgrading from Samba3 -> Samba4
  • LDB generic mapping module
  • (Experimental) Samba4 LDB <-> Samba3 LDAP mapping module based on LDB generic mapping module
  • Testsuite for Samba4 LDB <-> Samba3 LDAP mapping module

Source files: source/lib/ldb/modules/ldb_map.c source/lib/ldb/modules/ldb_map.h source/lib/samba3/group.c source/lib/samba3/idmap.c source/lib/samba3/policy.c source/lib/samba3/registry.c source/lib/samba3/samba3.c source/lib/samba3/secrets.c source/lib/samba3/share_info.c source/lib/samba3/smbpasswd.c source/lib/samba3/tdbsam.c source/lib/samba3/winsdb.c source/lib/samba3/samba3.h source/scripting/libjs/upgrade.js source/scripting/ejs/smbcalls_param.c source/scripting/ejs/smbcalls_samba3.c source/param/generic.c source/param/generic.h testdata/samba3/verify testprogs/ejs/samba3sam source/setup/upgrade source/scripting/bin/samba3dump source/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/samba3sam.c source/script/tests/ swat/install/samba3.esp

Known remaining issues:
  • [upgrade] Conversion from the smbpasswd/TDB passwords to ntPwdHash / lmPwdHash is broken. Couldn't find out why.
  • [ldb_map] Conversion of attribute names in DN's is still a bit dodgy
  • [ldb_map] mapped objectClass names may be mentioned multiple times in returned records
  • [ldb_map] add/modify support not tested very well with LDAP yet (only LDB+TDB)
  • [ldb_map] group membership is not yet mapped (only primaryGroupID / sambaPrimaryGroupSID)
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