The alternative approach

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Looking more closely at one of the other approaches I could've taken for migrating from Samba3. We will probably end up supporting this method later on anyway, once we expand the vampire code. I do think the path I've taken for SoC is the right one though - it allows the upgrade with the least hassle and user input.

This approach could be splitted up into the various parts:

  • samba3 pidl backend
  • Samba4 vampire + server side samsync support in Samba3
  • unixinfo (unixinfo) (exposes idmap) - in Samba4 (client side) - in Samba3 (server side)
  • winsrepl (thru seperate pipe?)
  • enum/add shares (srvsvc)
  • enum/add registry (winreg)
  • enum/add printers (spoolss(?))
  • convert smb.conf (using Jerry's registry hack)

Advantages of this approach:

  • Can be used to 'clone' Samba4 boxes as well
  • Relatively few extra loc necessary (a lot shared with vampire)
  • 'Clean' code - simply enumerates and adds


  • Needs running Samba3 daemon for upgrade (!)
  • Needs (complex?) Samba3 code changes
  • Needs latest version of Samba3
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