ldb_map somewhat working

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ldb_map and the samba3sam ldb module that is based on it work nicely now and appear to be memory-leak free. I have so far been testing with a TDB backend loaded with an LDIF from Samba3. Tomorrow will be the big day, testing against an OpenLDAP server.

Since the LDAP schema for Samba3 contains information that the Samba4 SAM database doesn't store and vice versa, it will be interesting to find out whether the current mapping will be sufficient. If it is not, I might have to fall back to storing the Samba4 attributes I can't store in the Samba3 LDAP database in a seperate database instead.

Another thing I did today is clean up the parameter list in Samba4 - I removed all unused parameters. This should hopefully make it easier to do the Samba3->Samba4 smb.conf conversion code.

TODO is down to:

  • smb.conf conversion
  • Finish sam.ldif / winbind.ldif from the TDB files
  • Test samba3sam module against OpenLDAP
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