TDB reading done

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I've now finished the ability to read the various TDB files. I've also started on the "mapping" LDB module that will allow a simple mapping from one objectclass to another. We'll need this for the backwards compatible LDAP backend for Samba3.

This backend will never be used itself but instead have other backends based on it (e.g. ldb_samba3 for a Samba3-LDAP-to-samdb backend)

Each backend that uses this skeleton has to specify an array of struct objectclass_mapping's (see ldb_map.h).

If no mappings are defined for an objectclass, it will be kept as is.

Will also keep cache of mapped dn's so we don't have to traverse the tree each time

So, TODO left:

  • finish ldb_map
  • fill ldb_samba3's mapping table
  • support smb.conf parsing in lib/samba3/
  • support generating LDIF's
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