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Althought I haven't been writing my weekly Samba4 status updates for a while now, development on Samba4 certainly hasn't been stalled. There have been a lot of improvements since June. I'll try to sum up most of them here, hopefully not forgetting too much:

  • ldb_sqlite is done afaik, still need to try it
  • Deryck and Tridge have been working on SWAT, giving it a user-friendly interface
  • Lots of progress in the directory synchronisation interface by Brad (Summer of Code participant) and Metze
  • Andrew has done more work on Kerberos integration such as the kpassword protocol and the PAC
  • Yet more LDB updates from Simo, not sure what exactly :-)
  • Quite a couple of things have been converted to Javascript. ejs is now being used for some of the testing as well as the provisioning script. Mostly by Tridge and Mimir
  • pidl updates and build system updates from me

... and much, much, more

I'm personally still a bit skeptical on using ejs for things other then SWAT, but I can't really describe why. Perhaps it's the fact that when I used one of its early incarnations, Javascript was very hairy to use. I also don't get that "warm fuzzy feeling" when I use Javascript that I get when I use C, C#, Haskell or Python, but I guess that's not really a good argument. :-) The C interfaces to EJS are certainly very easy to use and EJS is a nice small library.

CIFS was good again this year. has some pictures.

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