Ethereal parser generators

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Together with a few others (Tim Potter, Alan De Kok) I have been working on parser generators in pidl for DCE/RPC interfaces over the last one-and-a-half years. However, none of our attempts got far enough to generate both clean and working code.

I sat down with Ronnie Sahlberg from Ethereal at the CIFS 2005 Conference and discussed some of the approaches he had taken in his idl2eth compiler (which is a big hack, but does generate nice code). With the help of Ronnie I was able to write a new module in about a day, taking to account some of the concerns the ethereal developers have.

See the new Parse::Pidl::Ethereal::NDR module for details. Hopefully Ethereal will adapt pidl with this new module for generating at least some of the DCE/RPC parser generators during the next month or so.

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