Samba4 this week: "make test", EJS Wrapper scripts, TDR and strings in pidl

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It has been another interesting week in Samba4-land. We have now enabled the Samba4 test suite on all machines in the Samba buildfarm. I did the original (small) patch, metze has done a lot of nice work cleaning up the output, making sure it didn't try to run the tests when smbd was down, etc and tridge has added options to smbd and smbtorture to make sure they don't get stuck in an endless loop.

The SPOOLSS test now also works, thanks to continuing efforts from Metze over the past few weeks.

HotaruT and Derell have been working on, respectively, a PostGreSQL and a SQLite backend to LDB. I haven't checked them out yet (they're still mostly works-in-progress), but it'd be interesting to see whether they can beat TDB in performance.

I'm currently looking at implementing a new (very simple) data representation format in pidl, so that we don't have to depend on NDR for, for example, the NetBIOS implementation. It'll be a very simple format, not supporting pointers and stuff like that, so probably a bit more efficient as well.

Another thing I'm looking at is "proper" string support, e.g. similar to what MIDL has. Pidl's current extensions (automatic conversion to UTF8, etc) could be supported using a couple of custom attributes.

Other changes this week included improvement of IRPC performance by tridge, EJS improvements by tridge and Tim, more heimdal fixes by Andrew Bartlett.

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