Bazaar: Need for a “Product” object?

tags = [, ]

This is something that’s been lingering in the back of my head for the last year or so. I think I am missing something in the sequence of [Branch, Repository, WorkingTree]. Here are some of the reasons why I think this is the case:

  • Tags should ideally be shared amongst a set of related branches. This has come up often during discussions about where tags belong.
  • Management of sets of bzr branches is hard
    • It seems to make sense for the configuration of several plugins to be project-specific:
      • bzr-pqm-submit’s pqm address
      • bzr-email target address
      • bzr-cia’s project setting
    • may be useful to override whoami
    • having a way to group branches allows mass-pushes/pulls
  • I often find that the public_location I set is almost the same for related branches, with only the last part of the url differing and containing the branch nick
  • It would be nice if “bzr register-branch” could automatically determine what product to register as

I’m not looking for repositories: - repositories can contain data from multiple totally unrelated branches. a tag “1.0” could conflict because there are multiple unrelated projects that have it. - repositories are a storage optimization and I like them that way

although other projects (mercurial, git) seem to be using repositories to allow talking about a group of related branches.

I’m not looking for “just” directories: - There’s no place in a directory to store settings or tags - Having a long list of settings in ~/bazaar/locations.conf doesn’t scale and the settings won’t be able to propagate

Having another semantic object (”Product”?) on which options/tags can be set would help. Perhaps based on the root id (where available) ?

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