Samba 4 progress

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I've been busy getting some more of my pending Samba 4 work merged. In the past week, I've worked on:

  • Getting the registry branch Wilco and I have been working on ready to be merged
  • Moved out the GTK+ stuff of the main tree into a separate one
  • A bunch of improvements to the build farm. Mainly refactoring code so we can switch to using a database backend
  • Random pidl improvements (mainly better warnings and errors)
  • Rewritten test interface in perl with the ability to run tests in a more fine-grained way

It looks like I'll be mainly working on pidl stuff for the next few weeks and then on GSSAPI support for CIFS VFS.

My blog now also has a real-life tag, in case I'd ever want to post about things other than travel or free software stuff.

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