Pushing Mercurial branches into Subversion using Bazaar

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The example below demonstrates just how well foreign branch support in Bazaar is progressing. Here's how you can actually push Mercurial branches in Subversion:

charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% svnadmin create svn-repos
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% mkdir hg-branch; cd hg-branch
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/hg-branch% hg init; echo data > afile; hg add afile
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/hg-branch% hg ci -m "Add afile"
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/hg-branch% cd ..
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% bzr branch svn+file://`pwd`/svn-repos bzr-co
Branched 0 revision(s).
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% cd bzr-co
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/bzr-co% bzr pull ../hg-branch
All changes applied successfully.
1 revision(s) pulled.
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/bzr-co% bzr push svn+file://`pwd`/../svn-repos
This transport does not update the working tree of:
1 revision(s) pushed.
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/bzr-co% cd ..
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% svn co file://`pwd`/svn-repos svn-co
A    svn-co/afile
 U   svn-co
Checked out revision 1.
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn% cd svn-co
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/svn-co% svn pl
Properties on '.':
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/svn-co% svn pg bzr:merge
charis:~/bzr/hg-bzr-svn/svn-co% svn log -v
r1 | jelmer | 2006-07-10 21:33:49 +0200 (Mon, 10 Jul 2006) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /
   A /afile

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