Samba 4 Status Report Edition 6

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It's once again been a busy week for Samba 4.

Simo has worked on making more of the LDB code asynchronous.

Metze has reworked some of the NTVFS code to be generic for use by both the smb and smb2 subsystems. Tridge and metze have worked on inotify support. Tridge fixed a bunch of bugs, reported by a static code analyser.

Andrew fixed several bugs, mostly auth-related and improved some of the tests.

Rafal has made more of the DCE/RPC subsystem asynchronous, in particular the connect bits.

I spent it working on various bits of the build system; we now support using shared libraries internally. All modules can be built as .so files and all subsystems (including LDB) support loading extra functionality using .so files. Try it out by running "./configure --enable-dso". This should make it much easier for other projects to use parts of Samba or hook into Samba. Automatic dependencies are now also generated; just on GNU make 3.81 and higher for the moment though, as older versions appear to be buggy.

The registry (just the core, not all backends though) now keeps track of credentials information. A feature which Andrew had been asking me about for ages but which I kept postponing. :-)

A more detailed list can be found in the WHATSNEW.txt prepared for tomorrows' release.

I'm planning on releasing TP 2 tomorrow morning. Everything seems stable - and the release is long overdue (originally planned to be at the end of february).

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